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"The Reliant", which won 26 First Place film festival awards, and many other awards, came to theaters in 2019.

The Producer's Cut of "The Reliant, Coming Soon!

A website search will reveal the sites where you can presently view "The Reliant", usually free with ads.

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Movie Trailers

 For Better or For Worse 

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 Chaos and Faith Collide 

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What People Are Saying About "The Reliant"

MOVIEGUIDE.ORG movie review:

"The script is very well written and contains lots of intense, exciting action/adventure and moral, spiritual, psychological, and theological depth that adds to the character development. The result is one of the most thrilling, intense, enjoyable, stimulating, and emotionally powerful contemporary Christian movies."

From Amazon 5-Star Reviews:

"Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing bringing it into my life. It has shouted faith to my heart in a way only GOD could have done. I am still weeping from the power of this revelation."

"A must see for Christians and those struggling with their faith!"

"If the theater hadn't had those reclining seats I believe I would have been on the edge of mine most of the time. I'm not an emotional person but this movie had me teared up more than anything I can recall in recent memory."

"This movie is a wakeup call demonstrating how fragile our country is right now, and how your life can change in an instant. It inspires us to be prepared and put our faith in the Father who can lead us through dark times."

"The Reliant very much deserves all of the praise and awards that it has been given, it's a top notch movie that does a great job at shedding a positive light on the all important 2nd amendment right: to keep and bear arms, and it blends in some religion as well, it has good acting in it..."

"We all LOVED it!! There’s so many eye opening moments...and it ends with such a good message about forgiveness and how God can save anyone who wants to be set free! Everyone should see this film!"

"Very good movie, with some interesting twists. This could happen anywhere. People who are scared, angry or in need will do things they otherwise may not do... The whole family enjoyed this one."

As of today's date (April 2022), "The Reliant" has over 1,500 amazon reviews averaging 4.5 stars. Read our reviews to see how our movie has impacted people.

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