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Written by J. P. Johnston

Based on a True Story

When two U.S.  Marshals kidnap runaway slave John Price from the streets of Oberlin in 1858, Price’s friends rally the townspeople to take up arms and free Price by force.

"OBERLIN" is presently in phase 1 of fundraising, with the goal of getting $100,000 by the end of June, 2022. For gift perks like DVDs, signed movie posters, an opportunity to have your name in the end-credits or be in a scene in the movie, visit our IndieGoGo page HERE.

Help us bring this amazing true story to theaters! Help us honor the heroes of the "Oberlin-Wellington rescue" of 1858. This story has so much relevance for the racism our culture struggles with today! Help us make "OBERLIN" a megaphone around the world for the God-honoring answers to the crisis of racism, discrimination, and hate. 
Give today to help us hire the cast and crew and the "name talent" that will virtually guarantee us theatrical release.

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