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The Team

Who We Are

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J.P. Johnston

Writer, Producer, CEO

J. P. Johnston is the writer and producer of the award-winning faith-based action film “The Reliant” starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, and the Benham Brothers, which has garnished over 26 First Place film festival awards, including several for “Best Film,” “Best Screenplay,” and “Best Score” for their Abbey-Road created musical score. He wrote and is producing "Oberlin" which screenplay has won almost a dozen awards, and is presently (as of 2023) reaching out to Accredited Investors. He is the author of ten novels and one World War 2 biography entitled She Looks Like My Little Girl. His unproduced screenplay “When Swords Heal” has also won several awards. He is a family practice physician residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is the proud father of ten children.

Dan Parsons


Dan Parsons has acquired more than 250 cinematography credits on features, documentaries, television pilots, short films, industrials, and music videos. Dan's career began in Austin, Texas, where he quickly became known and sought after for his storytelling and lighting skills. Dan received his MFA in Film Production from Chapman University while serving as teaching assistant for renowned educator and cinematographer, Bill Dill, ASC. Dan and his wife, Amy, and their seven children live in Ohio. View some of Dan's projects here.

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Left to right: Paul Munger, who directed The Reliant; J.P. Johnston, Writer & Producer; & Dan Parsons, Cinematographer.

In 2017 on the set of The Reliant.

INSURREALpictures is a film production company committed to high quality screenplays and films that are culturally relevant, redemptive, and personally meaningful. As demonstrated in their first film The Reliant and the new award winning screenplay of their second film Oberlin, they are devoted to keeping plots unpredictable, their characters unforgettable, the action realistic, and yet always God-honoring. They fearlessly address culturally sensitive subjects, yet are careful to remain winsome and centered on redemptive themes. 

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