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* Product & Message Integration * Editing
* VFX * Mixing * Coloring * Musical Score

Connect with your audience with life-changing impact through inspiring visual storytelling
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 Announcing Pre-production....

OBERLIN - Based on a True Story 

Watch the Concept Trailer for our New
Award-Winning  Screenplay Oberlin. We are reaching out to Accredited  Investors presently. We are honored that the screenplay has garnished over a 20 screenplay awards, including 3 First Place awards and several Finalist awards (as of Aug. 2023) in festivals all over the nation, including Academy-Award qualifying festivals!

The Florida Script Challenge gave Dr. Johnston the prestigious "Screenwriter of the Year" Award for Oberlin!

"OBERLIN" Producers Are Now Reaching Out to Accredited Investors for Funding. 

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Based out of Charlotte, NC, USA

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